Phil Walters 1952

Phil Walters 1952

After speaking with Phil Walters about the Cunningham C4-RK, I decided to do a painting of him coming down the steep Big Bend on the old Watkins Glen course. The number 1 indicates that this driver had won the previous year’s Grand Prix. I was thinking about the fact that this section would have been particularly difficult for him. Here, Phil would have needed to use considerable engine braking, resulting in high revs from the Chrysler V-8. Heat radiated quickly from the firewall into the cabin as the car slowed. Cockpit ventilation was vastly inadequate, even though two large scoops had been adopted for this purpose. In addition, the windshield could be tilted to let in air. To modulate this, a short “bug screen” had to be included. The side window is also open. The result of all this made for a unique appearance even if it was aerodynamically dirty. Phil was nearly roasted, in spite of all the above cooling efforts! The 1952 Watkins Glen Grand Prix was cut short and in fact, Walters drove the C4-RK down the hill only once during the race itself.  Painted by artist, Robert Gillespie. 

Limited Edition Prints are a series of 100 signed and numbered Giclee prints on heavy stock.  Image size: 10 1/4" X 12 3/4" 

Canvas Giclee (print on canvas) is a high quality canvas reproduction of the original painting. The canvas is stretched with thickness of 1-1/2 to 2 inches.

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