Porsche 917K Gulf Car

Porsche 917K Gulf car # 20 Sculpture

Own a great piece of racing history!

Perfect for the home, office or discerning automotive collector. 

This is an original ceramic sculpture by auto artist, Craig Booth.
Artist was recently featured on the Velocity Channel TV show 'Chasing Classic Cars'!
A true collectors item!

This sculpture depicts the legendary Porsche 917K Gulf car.  Famously associated with Steve McQueen and LeMans. The car is depicted in motion with wind and exhaust blowing from under the car.
Sculpture, made with terracotta clay body, was kiln fired 3 times and painted with glaze or paints. The chrome accents are 14K white gold fired in the last kiln firing.
The Porsche measures 10 inches long, 6.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches in height.
Signed by artist Craig Booth.


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